Which antibodies are included in a screening tube?

Depends on whether the lab is using a panel they have designed or one designed by a consortium or company.

Examples: Beckman Coulter-clear lab 12 antibody Lymphocyte Screening tube, Euroflow Lymphocyte screening tube (LST), EuroFlow Acute Leukemia Orientation Tube (A LOT), our lab uses a lab-developed panel.

Here is a list of commonly used antibodies in the screening tube:

  • CD45: pan-leukocyte antigen; present on all white cells but varies in intensity (dim on immature cells and granulocytes, brighter on lymphocytes)
  • CD3: Identifies T-cells
  • CD19: Identifies B-cells and normal plasma cells
  • Lambda and Kappa: the light chain of the immunoglobulin molecule found on B-cells
  • CD4: expressed on a subtype of T-cells (helper), also expressed on Lambda and Kappa found on B-cells and plasma cells.
  • CD8: expressed on a subtype of T-cells (cytotoxic), also expressed on Natural Killer cells occasionally.
  • CD34: a marker expressed on immature cells (ie. Blasts) but also on endothelial cells

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