B-Cell Mantle Cell Lymphoma:

Peripheral blood sample (note the phenotype was consistent with MCL, but comment made to correlate with tissue biopsy and/or FISH for t(11;14) IGH/CCND1 rearrangement to confirm the diagnosis).

Mantle_cell_lymphoma_1 Mantle_cell_lymphoma_2 Mantle_cell_lymphoma_3 Mantle_cell_lymphoma_4 Mantle_cell_lymphoma_5 Mantle_cell_lymphoma_6 Mantle_cell_lymphoma_7 Mantle_cell_lymphoma_8 Mantle_cell_lymphoma_9 Mantle_cell_lymphoma_10

Mantle cell lymphoma, variations (1)

Mantle_cell_lymphoma_11 Mantle_cell_lymphoma_12 Mantle_cell_lymphoma_13 Mantle_cell_lymphoma_14 Mantle_cell_lymphoma_15

Mantle cell lymphoma, variations (2)

Bone marrow aspirate, CyclinD1+ by IHC, history of Mantle cell lymphoma; lymph node specimen showed pleomorphic variant of mantle cell lymphoma, FISH+ for t(11;14)

Mantle_cell_lymphoma_16 Mantle_cell_lymphoma_17 Mantle_cell_lymphoma_18 Mantle_cell_lymphoma_19 Mantle_cell_lymphoma_20

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