Chronic lymphocytic leukemia/Small lymphocytic lymphoma (CLL/SLL)- Variations:

Some cases may have more than one CLL clone.

Peripheral blood sample

Chronic_lymphocytic_lymphoma_variations_1 Chronic_lymphocytic_lymphoma_variations_2

In some cases surface immunoglobulin light chain expression may be very low/undetectable.

Bone marrow aspirate sample:

Chronic_lymphocytic_lymphoma_variations_3 Chronic_lymphocytic_lymphoma_variations_4

CD38 expression

  • CD38 expression is associated with an adverse prognosis
  • >30% positive cells is the most frequently used threshold to call a case “CD38 positive”; T-cells or ~101 can be used as a reference threshold for positivity

CLL/SLL with an atypical phenotype

  • Some cases can show relatively brighter CD20 and lower CD23
  • Often associated with Trisomy 12

Peripheral blood sample (Trisomy 12 confirmed by FISH)

Chronic_lymphocytic_lymphoma_variations_6 Chronic_lymphocytic_lymphoma_variations_7 Chronic_lymphocytic_lymphoma_variations_8 Chronic_lymphocytic_lymphoma_variations_9 Chronic_lymphocytic_lymphoma_variations_10 Chronic_lymphocytic_lymphoma_variations_11 Chronic_lymphocytic_lymphoma_variations_12 Chronic_lymphocytic_lymphoma_variations_13

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