Large B-cell lymphomas:

Large B-cell lymphomas with CD10 expression can be difficult to distinguish from follicular lymphoma by flow cytometry. A higher SSC can suggest that the cells are large, but correlation with morphology is required.

Large_B-Cell_lymphomas_1 Large_B-Cell_lymphomas_2 Large_B-Cell_lymphomas_3 Large_B-Cell_lymphomas_4 Large_B-Cell_lymphomas_5 Large_B-Cell_lymphomas_6 Large_B-Cell_lymphomas_7 Large_B-Cell_lymphomas_8

Bone marrow sample: Intravascular infiltrate of large CD20(+)Annexin(-) cells, very ill patient with splenomegaly, pancytopenia, no mass lesions on imaging.

Large_B-Cell_lymphomas_9 Large_B-Cell_lymphomas_10 Large_B-Cell_lymphomas_11 Large_B-Cell_lymphomas_12 Large_B-Cell_lymphomas_13 Large_B-Cell_lymphomas_14 Large_B-Cell_lymphomas_15 Large_B-Cell_lymphomas_16

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