CD5-CD10- B-cell lymphomas: Hairy cell leukemia:

Bone marrow sample: (note sample hemodilute)

Hairy_cell_leukemia_1 Hairy_cell_leukemia_2 Hairy_cell_leukemia_3 Hairy_cell_leukemia_4 Hairy_cell_leukemia_5 Hairy_cell_leukemia_6 Hairy_cell_leukemia_7

Expression of CD103, CD25 and CD123 is also characteristic. (These markers are not available in UHN panel, see next case for example.)

Hairy_cell_leukemia_8 Hairy_cell_leukemia_9 Hairy_cell_leukemia_10

Note molecular testing confirmed BRAF V600E mutation (found in >90% of HCL, but not specific for this entity).

Hairy cell leukemia, other markers:

Hairy_cell_leukemia_11 Hairy_cell_leukemia_12 Hairy_cell_leukemia_13 Hairy_cell_leukemia_14 Hairy_cell_leukemia_15

CD5-CD10- B-cell lymphomas: Hairy cell leukemia, variations

Peripheral blood sample:

Hairy_cell_leukemia_16 Hairy_cell_leukemia_17 Hairy_cell_leukemia_18 Hairy_cell_leukemia_19

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