Maturation of B Cells:

B-cell precursors go through sequential stages of maturation:

  • Early B stage
    • CD34+ CD10- TdT+ cCD79a+ CD19+
  • Pro-B stage
    • CD34+ CD19+ CD10+ TdT+ CD38++ CD20- cIgM-
  • Pre-B cells Subsets I and II
    • Downregulation of CD34 and TdT
    • CD34- CD19+ CD10+ CD38++ cIgM+ CD20heterogeneous
  • Immature B-cells
    • CD34- CD19+ CD20+ CD38++ CD10dim/- sIgMlow/-
  • Mature na├»ve B-cells
    • After expression of light chains
    • CD10- CD19+ CD38+/- CD20+ sIgM+ sIgD+
    (Adapted from Porwit and Béné 2018)

Tubes designed to assess B-lymphoblastic leukemia contain makers that allow the distinction of maturation subsets.

This is a bone marrow sample from a young patient with increased numbers of normal B-cell precursors.

Maturation of B cells 2 Maturation of B cells 1 Maturation of B cells 2 Maturation of B cells 3 Maturation of B cells 4

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