CD10+ B-cell neoplasms: Burkitt lymphoma:

Aggressive B-cell lymphomas (Burkitt lymphoma, diffuse large B-cell lymphoma) with CD10 expression can be difficult to distinguish from follicular lymphoma by flow cytometry. A higher SSC can suggest that the cells are large, but correlation with morphology, immunohistochemistry and other ancillary testing is required.

Peripheral blood sample, atypical cells intermediate to large with cytoplasmic vacuolization, history of Burkitt lymphoma in the GI tract

Burkitt_lymphoma_1 Burkitt_lymphoma_2 Burkitt_lymphoma_3 Burkitt_lymphoma_4 Burkitt_lymphoma_5 Burkitt_lymphoma_6 Burkitt_lymphoma_7 Burkitt_lymphoma_8 Burkitt_lymphoma_9 Burkitt_lymphoma_10

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